trasoundsNew 5D tech helps film babies in the womb, save for posterity – Bangalore Mirror

I was casually scrolling around the internet this morning and stumbled across this new piece of medical technology. Well, maybe not new to everybody, but since I haven’t wanted an ultrasound for quite some time now, this was interesting to me. But I wonder, as they continuously seek to better and enhance this medical technology, just how far will they take it? Now we can have images of our babies in the womb that are no longer fuzzy and blurred but are living proof that they are God’s gift to us. Will this technology get to point that there will be 6D and we can hear the sounds that the babies make while in the womb?  At that point, would the watcher be able to hear the mother as she is talking to someone? ewww. That might get really weird.

I mean, when do these types of advancements cease?

Where do they dare to draw the line? also has some info on this.





Breakthrough: Scientists detect Einstein’s gravity ripples

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an announcement that electrified the world of astronomy, scientists said Thursday that they have finally detected gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein predicted a century ago.

Astronomers hailed the finding as achievement of historic proportions, one that opens the door to a new way of observing the cosmos and the violent collisions that are constantly shaping it. For them, it’s like turning a silent movie into a talkie because these waves are the soundtrack of the universe.

“Until this moment, we had our eyes on the sky and we couldn’t hear the music,” said Columbia University astrophysicist Szabolcs Marka, a member of the discovery team. “The skies will never be the same.”



I read this morning and found it interesting. I’ve included the first three paragraphs.


New evidence suggests a ninth planet lurking at the edge of the solar system

Astronomers at the California Institute of Technology announced Wednesday that they have found new evidence of a giant icy planet lurking in the darkness of our solar system far beyond the orbit of Pluto. They are calling it “Planet Nine.”

Their paper, published in the Astronomical Journal, describes the planet as about five to 10 times as massive as the Earth. But the authors, astronomers Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin, have not observed the planet directly.

Instead, they have inferred its existence from the motion of recently discovered dwarf planets and other small objects in the outer solar system. Those smaller bodies have orbits that appear to be influenced by the gravity of a hidden planet – a “massive perturber.” The astronomers suggest it might have been flung into deep space long ago by the gravitational force of Jupiter or Saturn.



I’m watching a program on History 2(which is usual because this happens almost every day there’s something on this phenomenal channel) at any rate, I’m watching a program titled “Invisible”.

Cutting edge science has made it possible for us to see the world that has previously been invisible, molecules, gases, and ewww, minute bugs and organisms. The narrator is counting down the top 40 thinks that have previously been invisible and are too incredible. Please try to watch this show. On Demand if you can’t get it immediately. A must see.


Just got finished watching an intriguing program- Forbidden History-The Mystery of the Giants.

Although it was very interesting, it didn’t finalize any questions I’ve had for decades. Did a race of giants every really exist? I’ve always believed that they did. I’m certain of it as a matter of fact. That’s the only theory that explains the huge and impossible to build structures that we live with on this planet-i.e. the Pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in Great Britain and the statutes on Easter Island. These structures were created by a race of people tall enough to simply walk and carry the stones needed to construct the sculptures. Simple enough.

But according to this program, even though I’m not alone in my belief, it seems that all of the physical evidence of the theory is non-existent. They can’t find it or what they have located has vanished.


NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks

High in the skies over Kazakhstan, space-age technology has revealed an ancient mystery on the ground.

Satellite pictures of a remote and treeless northern steppe reveal colossal earthworks — geometric figures of squares, crosses, lines and rings the size of several football fields, recognizable only from the air and the oldest estimated at 8,000 years old.

The largest, near a Neolithic settlement, is a giant square of 101 raised mounds, its opposite corners connected by a diagonal cross, covering more terrain than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Another is a kind of three-limbed swastika, its arms ending in zigzags bent counterclockwise.

Grab this article to finish reading. And check out the picture. it was too big for me to post here.


mayacalanderI’ve been watching the Dawn of the Apocalypse series this morning. Most interesting was The Mystery of the Maya and the narrator has proven, to me at least,  that the Maya disappeared due to drought. Since their society is in the middle of a rain forest, this would seem to be impossible. But his research has established it. I’m certain of it. And he was able to establish that it was the dry and severely frigid conditions of the Arctic North that led to the drought in Central America. Please watch this. It may have you rethinking the global warming. Or ,at the least, consider it more deeply.