Did you know that the physics of noise, yes noise, comes in colors? I’m inserting an article that I came across today that I’ve paraphrased enough to make it understood-but it’s really quite simple.

White Noise: The spectral density of white noise  creates a flat spectrum on frequency graph. The sound power of white noise is same at any level of frequency. It is most commonly created in scenes of chaos where it is impossible to perceive a single person’s sound or voice. This technique of white noise is commonly used in alarm systems, amplifiers and electrical filters,
Pink Noise: Pink noise is said to lie in between white and red noise. and it is popularly used in sound engineering techniques.
Red Noise: Red Noise is also known as Brown Noise. It usually refers to power density that decreases with increasing frequency. The frequencies generated during red noise are said to have a soothing effect and are therefore used to create a relaxing environment and to induce sleep.
Blue Noise: The Power density of blue noise  is considered ideal for dithering, which is an essential step in music recording.
Green Noise: With a long-term power spectrum, green noise is considered to the background noise of the whole world. It is soothing in nature and is considered ideal for creating meditative environment.
Gray Noise: When a listener perceives the noise to be equally high at all frequencies, it is usually known as gray noise. In reality though, the frequencies of a gray noise make an inverted A-weighting curve.
Black Noise: Silence is often termed as black noise. The frequency spectrum of black noise is most of the time null, with an exception of some thin bands and spikes. Black noise has been commonly associated with natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes and droughts.
Colors of noise is a highly technical field that makes a co-relation in fields of sound and color. It is a concept difficult to grasp and comprehend when you begin, however one can gain an expertise in this field gradually. My article is just a tiny input on this subject. I hope this article satisfies your curiosity about the subject and triggers your curiosity to explore more in this field.
By Anuja Marathe Kanhere Read more at Buzzle:
There, now you have it. even noise comes in all shades of the rainbow. Just like people.

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