I found these two theories on Wikipedia, after watching a couple of excellent episodes of The Universe on the History Channel, and deciding that i needed to do some extra research.These episodes were” Edge of Space” and “Light Speed” As you read these quotes, please know that I’m not a scientist-just a scientific observer and a retired special education teacher, who would love to be able to say I assisted in making these theories comprehensible to young people. who often overlook the importance of science  in daily living.

Newton’s theory of colour-Wikipedia

…….remarks on the subject of compound colours, he(Newton) says(on light)I might add more instances of this nature, but I shall conclude with this general one, that the colours of all natural bodies have no other origin than this, that they are variously qualified to reflect one sort of light in greater plenty than another. ……They have there no appropriate colour, but ever appear of the colour of the light cast upon them, but yet with this difference, that they are most brisk and vivid in the light of their own daylight colour. Minium appears there of any colour indifferently, with which ’tis illustrated, but yet most luminous in red, and so Bise appears indifferently of any colour with which ’tis illustrated, but yet most luminous in blue……….But it is requisite, that the prism and lens be placed steady, and that the paper, on which the colours are cast be moved to and fro; for, by such motion, you will not only find, at what distance the whiteness is most perfect but also see, how the colours gradually convene, and vanish into whiteness, and afterwards having crossed one another in that place where they compound whiteness, are again dissipated and severed, and in an inverted order retain the same colours, which they had before they entered the composition. You may also see, that, if any of the colours at the lens be intercepted, the whiteness will be changed into the other colours. ……Also there are quarks. This is also from Wikipedia.Quarks are the building blocks of subatomic particles. There are six “flavours” of quark: up, down, strange, charm, bottom & top. Each of these has an additional property “colour”: red or green or blue. (These “flavours” and “colours” have no relation to any macroscopic properties of the same name.) ……..

In another blog I will remark on the Speed of Light also being studied as something in colors-where blue and yellow are mixed and turn into green.So,color is all around us and is an integral facet of life and Creation itself.

Is God actually a painter?




  1. Yup. And a sculptor; doctor; recycler; street sweeper; street walker; lawyer; teacher; cop; tradesman; worker; chef; musician; parent; chicken/egg; etc.,.

    Oh wait, you asked if He was a painter, not if He was in a painter! haha! God would have to say what he was trying to be on that one!

    I’ve come to think of God as non-anthropomorphic and yet in everything. To the degree that I am mindful that I am but one little pimple on the skin of all consciousness, I seem to live more happily and approach both life and “death” joyfully.

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