I’m watching Proving God on the History Channel.One of the speakers just now described God as the ‘Big Banger” since He’s the one who created the Big Bang. The Vatican has an Observatory and they want to prove Him.

. Another scientist just said that we study only the natural world not the supernatural but I belief that the supernatural can and will be proven through the study of Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Physics) and as the study of dimensions,time,light years, time travel as well as dimensional travel grows and becomes more profound, we could even see God.>. And he also stated that faith is needed to cross the final barriers that science isn’t able to cross. Faith is needed throughout our scientific studies and our faith will be proven as the studies in these sciences grows and man’s knowledge increases. And still yet another scientist has stated that Religion answers the “Why” and that Science answers the “How”. I feel that these two questions will merge and there will eventually only be one answer. I’m sure of it.
And also, that neuroscientists have found and proven that there is a “God Gene” an actual DNA marker that some people have that seems to be part and parcel of their ability to be spiritual and to feel closer to God. The gene has been shown to actually affect pathways in the brain that enhance the person’s ability to know God. So do we have an explanation for the concept of “The Elect” or “The Chosen” as it is stated in the Bible? Those folks with the God Gene are the Elect? I wonder, since they are now also able to take pictures of the visual cortex and frontal lobe when they are in prayer. They can see the verbal area of the brain-even though the prayers are mental-as though the person was talking. And yes, people really can lose themselves in prayer-they’ve proven it through the pictures of the brain. For non-religious though, the brain scans however, are totally different-why? Because they don’t believe. If that’s the case,then, they are not the Elect, I can guarantee it. Jesus said, you have to believe. Science is proving it. Through the pictures and scans of the frontal lobe. Amazing.
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Business Line : News / Science : Higgs boson discovery biggest scientific breakthrough of 2012 http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/science/


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