spaceAccording to Ancient Aliens-The NASA Connection-On the Moon, for the Moon landing,The Sea of Tranquility was chosen because it lines up with Orion’s belt. NASA chose this place to land because one of their scientists believed in the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. The astronauts had performed a ritual prior to the landing that resembled a communion service. On today’s program, they suggest that the astronauts were there to locate and bring back alien technology that would have been left there by aliens.
It went on to suggest that NASA already knows that extraterrestrial life already exists. The astronauts have stated this out loud on a public channel that everyone could hear. Yet they’re still keeping this information secret. I wonder. And they even have pictures of UFO’s flying in space. Scientists claim that yes they do. They’ve even seen angels, luminous people with wings. So I’m not the only believer.



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