earth's openingsI receive some wonderful posts from this gentleman, almost daily. His name is Jeff Andrews and the following is today’s that I’d like to share, here on my WordPress.

Tibetan Depiction of Agharta/Inner Earth

Three thousand years ago, in India, transcripts were uncovered that strongly indicated our earth was inhabited by space vehicles, whose occupants existed below our surfaces. These same uncovered records of India revealed the proof that serial photography has existed for more than two hundred thousand years and from several ancient films, the aliens were featured in one-piece suits of a metal material with headgear that was in advance of any space suit contrived by our engineers at NASA.

There are many “entrances” to the ‘Inner Earth. In South America, an opening is located at a latitude of 70 degrees with a longitude of 10 degrees. This cavern lies in the neighborhood of a 312-mile depth or 302 miles into the outer mantle. For the area involving the continent of Russia, there is an indicated opening(breathing hole) south of Tombau and north of Voronezia, at a latitude of 90 degrees and a longitude of 30 degrees plus. The depth of this cavern was listed at a depth of 508 miles. China has a location marked at a latitude of 110 degrees and a longitude of 25 degrees which would place you near the city of Kweilin. There is a recording (in cubits) that figure this cavern’s depth at 277 miles down from our outer crust, or 267 miles into the outer-mantle. Unfortunately, the fourth opening is marked at a longitude of 40 degrees and a latitude of the same, thus pinpointing an area of the mid Atlantic. The fifth known cavity of the inner earth lies at a longitude of 42 degrees and a latitude not exceeding 77 degrees(give or take a degree due to land shifts over the past two hundred thousand years). This indicates one of our northeastern states of these United States.


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