I Think I Know What’s Going On (In Regards to Jamie McGuire and Her Book Beautiful Disaster)

oh this is such a mess!!! And i do sympathize with the author- I don’t understand why Amazon would feel as though they would have to refund folks who got the original book for almost 5.00 less (6 months ago or so,) than what they would be buying it for now. That makes no sense to me at all. It’s as though Amazon is saying, here person, you bought this book for 1.00 but it’s now selling for 9.00 so we will give you back your 1.00 and shipping that you spent on it and then you can turn around and give us 9.00 and shipping to repurchase it. HUH????????

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

I made this post earlier today.  After reading through the discussion on the book’s product page on Amazon (here’s the link so you can read through it, too), I think I understand what is going on.

This is the copy the customers who bought Beautiful Disaster have reported getting from Amazon (you can read it on the thread I linked to above):

Hello from Amazon.com,

We want to let you know that the edition of Beautiful Disaster that you purchased is no longer available. You can order a new version that is now available here:

Beautiful Disaster

You can also request a refund on your original purchase by responding to this email. After the refund is issued, you will no longer be able to access this item.

Thank you,

The Kindle Team

Here’s what I gather from it, and if you take away something different or can…

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