Scientists have discovered the gene for ADHD-DRD4. It shows a low tolerance for boredom. I must have it. I’d call it the “Gypsy Gene” since they say that it was a useful gene 50,000 years ago when man was on the move a lot.”Through the Wormhole”-Is There A Superior Race?”Science Channel. This morning at 7 PST. Interesting info.
P.S. I did find a post from a Stella Arnold connecting ADHD to the term ” Gypsy Gene”. that she wrote back in August, 2008, so I’m not alone in describing this gene as a “gypsy”

The ADHD Gene – ADHD Remedies – Healthy Alternative ADD Treatment
The ADHD Gene. ADHD research has in the last decade studied the genetic links to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). ADHD is often reported in the …


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