Jesus as Moses?

And one more thought? I believe in reincarnation. Could Moses have been Jesus? Moses parted the Red Sea-God did, as Moses prayed for it. Jesus  walked on water- on the Sea. The Bible states that in this End Time, there will be someone who can control the weather. Jesus?  Then I would say that He’s coming back to us an angry man.

This theory also states that Jesus received the Law of Moses, in His hands , as the Ten Commandments. He did say that there was one commandment greater than all of the others and that was to love one another. This was the 11th Commandment. And as far as the Unforgiveable Sin, He said,” Just don’t do it.” And that was all.
SO, by implication, the Unforgiveable Sin would be the Sin for this time-and it has to do with hate? And it would have to be something different from the sins described, detailed, by the Ten Commandments, I think. I don’t know what that would be, but I’m sure that one day it will be revealed to us.
And back to Jesus receiving the Law of Moses. All of this implies that He is the Man in Control, doesn’t it?


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