Death Rays -a weapon. ELF Radio waves and others.

I’m watching two programs on a new form of weapon -death rays. It was titled Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura. One episode was titled ” Death Rays” and the other was titled” HAARP” This episode focused on investigating the High Frequency Active Auroral Program, in Alaska. Very interesting and very strange information about this research base. This episode concluded with Jessie Ventura wondering if they were developing a form of mind control there. One of the speakers, showed him a device that sent a signal through the central nervous system that allowed him to hear a radio station. Obviously, in my opinion, they’re also experimenting on telepathy. In ” Death Rays” they mentioned Tesla, electromagnetic rays and DeJeus- an inventor who dies mysteriously two days after being interviewed about his discovery, rays that can be sent from a distance that disrupt heart functions. One of the speakers said it was the most dangerous weapon in the world. There is one form of it that can be hand held and works at a range of 30 feet-yes, it sees through walls, and another one that is about the “size of a bazooka” that has a range of 200 feet. When aimed at the person, it causes an instant violent fibrillation of the heart and within 10 seconds the person is dead-sometimes it looks as though the person has had a seizure. Another weapon of this type causes severe anxiety and nervous tension. the web site that i researched after watching this program has a very interesting article- the website is There are various other sites about the HAARP Project, including Wikipedia and one that indicates that there may be other HAARP locations. You can locate other sites like it using search terms venus ecm technique.


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