XAVER8OO- a “see through walls” camera

Here’s a website on the camera XAVER800, which sounds like it’s comparable to what was being developed by HAARP- the miltary base , now closed, in ALaska. to find out more, read the post previous to this one. It talks about the program” Conspiracy Theory” with Jessie Ventura.http://www.camero-tech.com/xaver800.shtml.
I had two questions- is the XAVER 8OO something that is widely available- like at your nearest walmart? and what effect would this type of see through vision have on the human body? The body being watched, I mean. Can’t you just see this? If people are looking through someone’s walls, they want to see the people on the other side of the walls. Why not just call them on their cell phones? This is science fiction.

I found this on the Internet.
“X-ray vision is no longer just for sci-fi movies and superheroes. Now, superhuman powers are closer to real life than you might think. Engineers have developed a new device, called the Xaver800 that can see straight through walls.
“It’s designed to find people through walls and tell you where they are and how many there are,” says engineer Robert Judd. The device can see through plaster, brick, even reinforced concrete. It quickly identifies who or what is in a room and what’s happening behind the walls. The device sends out radio waves through a wall or door. The waves then bounce off objects in a room and bounce back to the device which creates an image of objects in a room — moving flashes of light represent people or furniture in a room.
New technology that will be used by law enforcement and the military can look through walls. It is available now, and is being tested by a handful of police departments, before it could move into widespread use.
HOW IT WORKS: The Xaver800 technology provides ‘Through the Wall’ vision, allowing the user to rapidly and reliably observe one or more people in a room and monitor their movements, while positioned outside the room’s walls. The system uses sound waves at a particular frequency — ultra-wide radio waves, which pass through wood and concrete — to capture images, much like ultrasound imaging captures the image of a fetus through the mother’s skin. Sensors detect the reflected waves. That mechanical motion is translated into electrical signals. Then the computer software algorithms process the signals and create a 3-D image of the people or objects concealed by solid barriers made of cement, plaster, brick, concrete and wood. The system operates on very low power signals; the total energy transmitted is less than that emitted by a standard cellphone.”
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., contributed to the information contained in the TV portion of this report


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