trasoundsNew 5D tech helps film babies in the womb, save for posterity – Bangalore Mirror

I was casually scrolling around the internet this morning and stumbled across this new piece of medical technology. Well, maybe not new to everybody, but since I haven’t wanted an ultrasound for quite some time now, this was interesting to me. But I wonder, as they continuously seek to better and enhance this medical technology, just how far will they take it? Now we can have images of our babies in the womb that are no longer fuzzy and blurred but are living proof that they are God’s gift to us. Will this technology get to point that there will be 6D and we can hear the sounds that the babies make while in the womb?  At that point, would the watcher be able to hear the mother as she is talking to someone? ewww. That might get really weird.

I mean, when do these types of advancements cease?

Where do they dare to draw the line? also has some info on this.



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